Top Ten Richest Football Teams According To Forbes

Football is a sport with billions of fans. It involves several leagues, countless teams and 250 million players in 200 countries. The sport has been around for long enough, and it is world’s most popular sport. This fabulous sports host tons of competitions varying from local games to international games and its highest ranking body is FIFA ( fédération internationale de football association). Since this sport is worldwide you can also bet its making mouthwatering amounts of money and there are even some football teams worth billions of dollars. Like we always do here at toptennaija, we have done our accurate findings, and have brought you ten richest football teams in the world. We also include some unique facts about these football teams. Keep scrolling;

1.Real Madrid $4.239 billion

Tagged as the best team in the world so, you shouldn’t be too surprised. Real Madrid is a leading team in one of Europe’s top five leagues, Spain. The billion dollar team play in the top league “La Liga”. Their success story dates as far back as the 90’s, and they are the top dog today. They have what should be called a museum of trophies, packed with the most prestigious trophies in the world, including the UEFA Champions league.

2. Barcelona $4.021 billion

Real Madrid’s bitter rivals Barcelona takes number two on our list of the richest football clubs. This Spanish giant are equipped with “Lionel Messi” with is more than an arsenal. Also known as “Barca” they are one of the most successful clubs in the history of football. Barca also has one of the best stadiums in the world “Estadio Camp Nou” which can accommodate about a hundred thousand fans.

3. Manchester United $3.808 billion

“The Red Devils” is England’s most successful football team. Over 100 years old, they are stocked with the best silverware in all of England, they have a record of 20 premier league titles, 12 FA cups and three UEFA Champions leagues.  They are also the first English to achieve the continental European treble among other major achievements. In addition to this feat Manchester United also have, “Old Trafford” a stadium filled histories and tradition.

4. FC. Bayern Munich $3 billion

This is the most successful club in The German football history. FC Bayern plays in the Bundesliga, the top tier in The German football league system. Founded in 1900, by eleven football players Bayern is the biggest football club in Germany and also the fourth highest earning football team in the world.

5. Manchester city $2.688 billion

          Owned by Abu Dhabi United group, Manchester City are currently a dominant team in England’s top flight division. With successive tittle wins the “citizens” are on top of their game, recently the club has won six domestic league tittles. They are the first premier league team to reach a hundred points, and in 2019 campaign they won four trophies, claiming every single domestic trophy in England, and they became the first English men’s team to win a domestic treble.
          Although the citizens are enjoying their stream of success but things were not always good with them. They once dropped to the third tier of English football in the end of 1997-1998 season.

6. Chelsea $2.576 billion

       Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The blues are one of England’s most successful teams. They have over thirty trophies and are rivals with Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Leeds united which are neighboring teams. Chelsea has experienced success over the last two decades which have been the best since the club’s existence since 1904.

7. Arsenal $2.268 billion

The gunners are one of England’s best teams. They are also record owners when it comes to trophies, they own 13 FA cup tittles more than any team in England and in addition to this, they have a stunning number of 13 league titles. Founded 133 years ago, this club is older than most of its rivals.
       Arsenal also relegated once in 1913 but came back better than before which saw them complete the 20th century with the highest average league position.

8. Liverpool $2.183 billion

The UEFA champions league defenders. The Reds have a history with European Cup which has seen them win more European Cups than any other English team. They also have an English record of 18 premier league titles. Liverpool FC are long time rivals with England’s richest team Manchester United. The club also records successes of recent and are on the best form they have been in a while.

9. Tottenham Hotspur $1.624 billion

Another English major in the premier league. The English football club always clinches to success. Tottenham has won both domestic and European tittles since the 90s and have also been one of the two English club to win a major trophy in every decade since 1950 to the 2000s, a feat matched by Manchester united.

10. Juventus $1.512 billion

       Italian giants Juventus will take the last spot on our list of the richest football teams. “juve” is the record holder for all competitions in the Serie A division including a shocking number of 35 leagues titles. The club had been managed by the Agnelli family since 1923 which is the oldest in national sports.
      In 2009 Juventus was ranked as the second best club in Europe based on the 20th century.
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