Ten crazy things you wish you knew about CR7

Cr7 is arguably the best footballer in the world, an outstanding individual with proffesional traits and a unique personality. His true fans support him because of his realness and the fact that he shows what he feels. Well, there is more to cristiano ronaldo than majority know. He has lived a turbulent and sophisticated life up till now so in this post we will tell you all about angry cr7, kind cr7 and the most unexpected things you never dared to imagine about this legendary winger.

1. CR7 101
Did you know cristiano ronaldo is being studied, “CR7 101” is a course offered at the university of Britain Columbia in Okanagan. His life, career and achievements are brought under the microscope. This make football lovers and ronaldo admirers to move a step closer to the football legend. Fourth year sociology students are given the incredible opportunity to examine the life and works of the legendary cr7. Although the course focuses more on the career aspect rather than his celebrity lifestyle but it is still astounding to learn that cr7 101 exists.

2. His Heartwarming Gestures
Another feat cr7 has achieved is that no matter how bad critics talk of him today, he always finds a way to shut them up. Amidst allegations about his arrogance and pride cr7 is a natural helper. Cr7 has sold his awards and has given out them money to charity. On a particular occasion cristiano ronaldo sent out his signed jersey and a cheque of 83,000 usd to a sick ten month baby. Whose mother had previously asked for help online. The player was initially asked to donate shirts and boots but he went the extra mile of including a whooping sum of 80,000 usd which for sufficient for little erik’s surgery. He might be a beast on the pitch but off the pitch he is just one super lovable person.

3. A Fan Lover
This prayer is exceptional on so many levels, ronaldo is absolutely a figure to love because of the amazing amount of love he shows in response. Ronaldo stood up for a japanese fan who was laughed at for trying to speak english, he apologize for a pitch invader who was eventually spared a jail time and even on professional levels, he would stop fans from booing players although he doesn’t hesitate to shut critics up when they chant the wrong name. Ronaldo is a fan lover and he goes to the extreme even for a single one.

4. Little CR7 Threw A Chair At His Teacher
Cristiano ronaldo dos santos aviero was expelled at the tender age of fourteen. Turns out you don’t want to mess with little ronaldo. He did this because the teacher made a joke about him and his family as it turned out the little guy had no chill and reacted. This act got him expelled from school at the age of fourteen. His mum then, advised him to focus only on football. This advice made the man we know today, majority can’t even picture him doing something else.

5. He Had A Surgery At The Age Of Fifteen
Like his main rival “lionel messi”, cristiano ronaldo isn’t the only one with troubles growing up. At the age of 15 a year after he was expelled. Cristiano ronaldo was diagnosed with a major heart condition. This made his undergo surgery but he was out of action for a brief period and made a speedy recovery. According to his mother, the surgery was to correct an irregular heart beat. Have you ever imagined a football world without cr7? Well, Don’t.

6. His Amazing Physique
Ronaldo is 6 foot 1, lightning quick and jumps as high as a cheetah. He has over 100 header goals, a feat that is achieved due to his incredible jumping reach. He can attain vertical heights of over 2 metres. Public challenges are everywhere challenging me and you to jump as high as him and take home substantial amounts of money Amazing, isnt it? In addition to this, this super striker can cover 25 metres in just 3.6 secs, well you have seen him run. Another mind blowing fact about his body is that he has less body fact than most fashion models. All these is achieved by being the most hard working player we know of.

7. He Is An Absolute Workaholic
Back at manchester united and sporting cp, it was said that cr7 was the first to arrive and last to leave. While in sporting he stayed in the academy sharing a room with one of his best friends today. He spends about 3-4 hours training, he does this five days a week. The hours might have been longer in his earlier years which has of course paid off and made him who he is today. Also cr7 stays away from fatty, sugary or basically anything that might reduce his performance on and off the pitch.

8. A Wonderful Friend
This world legend has been tagged for doing so many good deeds around the world, countless donations to the needy and helpless. But he doesn’t just stop there, he is an absolute wonder to people around him, his friend at the academy who created cr7’s breakthrough and never had any formal career. Lives a life of luxury also his roommate at sporting cp whom they tour the world together. Sporting cp were ready to have him dropped but ronaldo insisted that if his friend is dropped then they would have to release him too. Thanks to ronaldo he got a start to a formal career.

9. His Amazing Freekicks
This player has a freekick speed of about 130kmph which is flabbergasting. He has no weaker foot, some of his goals confirm that. His amazing shot power might have broken arms and faces but its still an amazing sight. He has more free kick goal than most including dead ball magician “lionel messi”.

10. His Amazing Relationship With Marcelo
You might have learnt about marcelo and cristiano’s friendship, but there is more to it than it meet the eyes. The duo are literally inseparable, even their families have taken a liken towards one another so much that it caused a major stir when ronaldo asked to leave real madrid. They might have won the champions league but marcelo had a breakdown. He even left an emotional message for him on his instagram page prior to his exit. He is also very fond of james rodirguez buh reports say he had a fall out with the real madrid captain sergio ramos prior to his exit.

Another scintillating fact about cr7 is the fact that he owns his own personal museum where all his trophies are kept. It is also equipped with an extra room to keep his future trophies.

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