Is Racksterly A Scam? an honest review


The first question that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to online businesses and ponzi schemes is “does it pay?”, although this is a very simple question but we feel the main question to be asked is “till when does it pay?”. Of course all of these platforms must have paid the referrers but only to disappoint both old and new clients. This is why we shall be discussing racksterly today examining and weighting the pros and cons of this platform.

What is racksterly?

        “Racksterly is an advertisng agent for big companies like konga, jumia, telecom and others” according to racksterly. So basically what racksterly claims it does is to advertise products and services for big companies like those mentioned above while using the users as a medium to get the values out there. Unlike “MMM” and the others, racksterly doesn’t rely solely on new users to make compensation for existing ones, instead they aim in using the money realized from the ads to bring a balance to the spreadsheet. This way they shouldn’t be bothered about the number of users joining the platform, it simply means a larger audience to advertise to which is why they try to know their users in order to use targeted ads.

How it works?

         Racksterly operates in a simple manner, all you have to do is to subscribe to one of their monthly plans and perform a simple task on a basis(which is to share an ad using your facebook account). You do this for a month then you are promised over 100 percent the subscription fee. In short, let say you subscribe with five thousand naira, as you complete the task daily you get a token which at the end of the month sums up to over ten thousand naira. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Then you can work your way up to bigger subscriptions as your pockets grow.


Referrals aren’t a must:

this is one of the parts that convince you its better than the rest, unlike other platforms that offer you copious amounts of bonuses to bring more people In, racksterly doesn’t do that. Which means while rocking racksterly you might decide not to have a single referral unless you want to. Which means you also don’t need referrals to withdraw your earnings unlike “NNU”.

It seems to have a balance to it:

while other platforms all run in the same old school way, racksterly has acquainted advertisement as a leg to balance itself. Which may also mean the company might even go bigger on advertising, thus increasing earnings of its users. One can only imagine the billions of dollars made from advertisement by google AdSense and facebook.


There might be a bit of uncertainty to it:

while this platform depends on advertisement to bring a balance it implies that lack of ads to display might stir up the whole platform. This means the racksterly need steady income of offer in order to keep being racksterly and avoid crashing.

The 100 percent return rate:

although this may sound fancy to our ear but it doesn’t mean it sounds good to racksterly’s. This simply means without the aid of ads racksterly might need to combine the subscription of two or more individuals to pay compensation for user and cater for their own needs. This might not be the best way to run a business “MMM” which offered a 30 percent interest did eventually fold up not to talk about a 100 percent interest rate.

Current ads offers:

based on our research we can conclude that ads being promoted on racksterly are mediocre ads. This simply means the racksterly hasn’t made good progress in the ads department, all the returns being paid right now come mostly from referrals which might Is not too good. A twitter user once asked jumia in which racksterly may have claimed they work with if they have an agreement with racksterly in which jumia denied.

No office location:

we can’t stress this more than we have to. Racksterly don’t have a single office around and they claim since they run a full online platform they don’t need one and have decided to pump the money into other things.


           racksterly does have a good a plan but the question is if they will be able to pull through it. So we won’t advise our readers to go for it niether will we advice them to stay away but with our evaluation we hope we can help you make a choice

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