Gary Neville tell Gareth Southgate to make a quick decision on his future as England manager
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Gareth Southgate is contemplating his future as England manager (Picture: Getty)

Gary Neville has urged to make a quick decision on his future and reveal whether or not he intends to stay on as England manager.

The Three Lions suffered a painful quarter-final exit at the hands of defending champions France last week after which Southgate confirmed he would take time to reflect on whether he is up to the task of spearheading England’s Euro 2024 qualifying campaign.

A lack of outstanding potential replacements, allied to his solid performance in the job, means the Association are keen for Southgate to commit and remain until the end of his current contract.

The FA are said to be considering the option of hiring a foreign coach, with and Thomas Tuchel said to be interested, but retaining the services of Southgate is said to be their desired option.

England are not back in action again until March, but Southgate’s former England teammate Neville believes the 52-year-old owes it to his employers to give them a swift decision.

He told Sky Sports: ‘I think Gareth needs to come out over the next few days and put it to bed whether he’s staying or not.

‘We’re going into the New Year and we’ve got games in March I don’t think that’s fair on the FA who will need to find a successor.

Mauricio Pochettino is said to be interested in becoming the next England manager (Picture: Getty)

‘Gareth is an honest man with great integrity and he’ll do the right thing so I think it feels like 18 months is right doing that next tournament and then putting a succession plan in place.’

Regardless of when he calls time on his time managing the national team, Neville hopes Southgate resists the urge to return to club management and is offered a administrative role within the FA.

He said: ‘I hope he doesn’t go back into club management. I think Gareth’s future for me, and look, he’ll decide his future, I just look at him and think there’s no English person alive who has got more experience of major tournaments, junior tournaments, or youth tournaments, who has played for his country.

‘He’s seen it all Gareth, so I think he should be kept in the system to design the future. He knows how to support, he’s been there for 10 years.

‘We’ve had great success with the women’s team, the junior teams I think we’ve had relative really good success with the men’s team.

‘He’s seen that through over 10 years that improvement in performance. I’d like him to stay with the FA beyond his coaching role.’


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