Brendan Rodgers sends warning to Arsenal over Premier League title race
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 24
Brendan Rodgers came painfully close to winning the title at Liverpool in 2014 (Picture: Getty)

Leicester’s has fired a warning to Arsenal over the Premier League title race after he came painfully close with Liverpool in 2013-14.

with the visitors attempting to lift their first top-flight title since 2004.

The Gunners are currently two points clear of at the top of the table with a game in a hand.

But Leicester boss Rodgers knows all too well that it could quickly unravel for Arsenal after City pipped his Liverpool team to the title in 2014 by two points.

‘There’s definitely a change in emotion, that’s for sure,’ Rodgers said on Friday. ‘That’s the key aspect of it and we’re not really even at that stage yet.

‘You see the excitement there with how Arsenal are playing and you sense the supporters feel they have an opportunity – which they do have.

‘But it’s really not until you get to 10 games to go and then five games to go. If they’re still up there, which I believe they will be, then the expectation on everything and the emotion grows even more.

‘If I look back on that it’s really about trying to manage those aspects.

‘Because when you haven’t won the league for so long, then of course the closer it gets and the closer you are to it, naturally the supporters dream. So the expectation starts to grow even more.’

Pep Guardiola’s team have won four of the last five Premier League titles while Arsenal have not even finished in the top four since the 2015-16 season.

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