How To Flash An Android Phone

Gone are the days when you have to visit a tech store or a local engineer before you flash(wipe) your phone. You can now flash your phone yourself in seven simple steps. Before you take the giant step of flashing or wiping your android smartphone, we strongly recommend that you consider a few things before proceeding which are:

1. Loss of data:- if you succesfully flash or wipe your android smartphone you stand a hundred percent chance of loosing all saved data on the phone storage. Which may include your pictures, contacts, apps, games and even saved accounts and passwords. This is the reason why it is advisable to back up your data to a secondary storage device like a micro sd card, your personal computer, cloud storage or basically anywhere that isn’t your phone’s storage.

2. Loss of saved settings:- individuals have different tastes which is a result of personalization of our mobile phones. Our point is during the flashing or wiping process all saved settings on your android smartphone will be totally gone, although to some it might not be much of a problem since they can easily set them back but to individuals who might not be too familiar with the in’s and outs of their mobile or people who have had theirs set before purchase might find it a bit difficult to navigate every setting including themes, ringtones and wallpapers.

To flash your mobile phone follow the steps listed below.

1. Switch off your android smartphone

2. Press and hold the power button simultaneously with the volume reduction button

3. Your phone will come on and display its factory mode and list several items like backup data, phone test, wipe/reset data.

4. Your phone should display a navigation option( in most cases the volume increase button is used for navigating the list)

5. Then you can navigate through the options to wipe/reset data. Then you select( you can either select with the power or volume reduction button depending on your phone)

6. Sit back and let the system do its magic( this process won’t take too long)

7. CONGRATULATIONS, you have a new phone in your hands

Nb: if you open your phone’s factory mode and all you see is in chinese…..just choose the option with the “emmc” and you should be good to go

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