How to download on YouTube

There are two or more ways to download media from YouTube which are.
1.To visit the save from net option.
2.The use of apps.

The save from net option.
Save from net is an online tool which can be visited while streaming or searching YouTube videos. The procedure to download is as follows
• First locate the video of interest:- This should be done from your mobile browser and not from the YouTube app, if you are using a browser like google chrome it is advisable to open the video in a new tab.
• Edit the video’s URL:- you should click the address bar on your browser, and then input “ss” just before the letter, “y” in YouTube. Like this.

• After editing the video’s url and clicking go you will land on the save from net page where you see your video of interest.
• Select the quality you want by clicking on a small menu icon.

• Click download.
Note: while selecting the download option you might be re-directed so you can just close the tab and go back to the save from net tab.

To use apps.
     All you have to do is visit google Play store or search google for YouTube downloader or tubemate. Upon launching the app, it has a youtube like interface where you can browse videos. Click on the videos of interest and click download. Easy cheesy.
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